More Random Pictures of Nothing

Posted on Monday, April 30, 2007 by Rob

More Random Pictures of Nothing

Chad's art show this weekend was a pretty fun time with free beer and good friends

Seriously, please don't step on my shoes when we take a foot fetish shot

We're at the Orpheum now where Jorge and The Stance are taking advantage of sink or swim. Jorge sunk

What are those kicks? Foot fetish number two

Who are those girls? I don't know and Jorge doesn't either. He just walked up to them, danced a jig, then kept going

I have no idea who I'm hanging out with right here on this foot fetish

After seeing that shark on the beach yesterday, I had to take some time on Sunday and go check out the Florida Aquarium. This crazy sea horse is just a small sample of the amazing animals that are there

Speaking of animals, Schaefer sent me this on his cell phone. He got a photo of the wild chicken that has been lurking around the Park recently

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