Board Retailers Summit 4 in Puerto Rico Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Board Retailers Summit 4 in Puerto Rico

Posted on Tuesday, May 22, 2007 by Barak

Board Retailers Summit 4 in Puerto Rico
Words and Photos by Barak Wiser

The coast of San Juan, where we stayed, was beautiful.
Tina from ASR and Cullen from Transworld biz, my partner in crime for the long weekend.
I don’t know these girls but it was one of them, was celebrating their birthday.  They needed a gringo for their picture.
Foot fetish before the spectacular Bioluminescent kayak trip we took one night.  Google it.  pretty phenomenal stuff.
Foot fetish in the narrow streets of San Juan.
BRA board members group photo.  Great company, great times.  Thanks BRA, Surf Expo and Quiksilver for hooking it up.
I attempted a double choke on Doog from Surf Expo and George from Modern Skate Shop.
Mike BRA’s new President, Tina from ASR and Cullen from Transworld biz.
Artsy hotel photo.  Landscape beauty was everywhere.  I took tons of photos.
Oh yeah, we worked, too.  This is a photo of the the projection screen that kept our meetings in order.
Okay, these things freak me out.  They look so real.  They sell these across the narrow street where we had dinner one night, The Parrot Club.  Good eats.
This is for the ladies.  Man cleavage fetish anyone?  It’s fun for some reason when you’re drinking.
We had very long tables to accommodate our large group.  This is outside at the Parrot Club.  This is where I started getting weird and having too much fun.  There are a ton more photos but I’m sure this is all you can bear to look at.


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