Red Bull Manny Mania at Skatepark of Tampa Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Red Bull Manny Mania at Skatepark of Tampa

Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 by Rob


Cesar Fernandez - frontside 180 switch nose manual frontside half cab out
Cesar Fernandez - backside tailslide nose manual out
Jason Durbin - switch nose manual
Jason Durbin - switch frontside 180 nose manual nollie big out
Ian Gow - frontside 5-0 180 switch manual out
Ian Gow - nollie pop shuv manual
Robbie Kirkland - kickflip nose manual
Who dat? Fakie flip fakie manual
Ripping style
Jimmy Lannon - good skateboarder
Top three - Cesar Fernandez, Robbie Kirkland, Jason Durbin
Red Bull Sarah's Martha Stewart project
Chris Roberts and Joey Brezinski came out for the Contest. This is a photo Schaefer illegally took in the Penthouse Club in Tampa where we ate dinner later that night


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