Photos Help Me Remember a Blurry Weekend

Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 by Rob

Photos Help Me Remember a Blurry Weekend

I'm bringing everyone to the dark side

Someone brought a baby gator to the Czar Bar

This conversation went something like, "Hi, nice to meet you. Let me give you the claw while I take a photo of your chest. Ok, later."

Apparently we'll be getting those Vanilla Ice Blazers in real soon

Schaefer is going straight for the brumsky here. That's one of about eight people I know know named Sarah

I should have got a photo of this going in the other direction. Was it Sarah that brought the baby gator?

These are some wild ass women right here. Megan, Ruby, and Big Boobie Girl go the extra mile while partying at the bar and it's always extra entertaining

Look deep into Megan's eyes and you can see alcohol

Sean Albright had a birthday party this weekend and the crew gathered for a nice hippie drum circle to make music with anything that would make a sound

We refer to them all as "BMX buddies"

Drunk Aaron is on the cowbell conga

There's an Abandoned Vehicles show on June 2nd at 8pm at Springs Theater at 8029 North Nebraska Avenue. That's Edwin and Schaefer who are in the band and will have better gear during the show. See you there

That's my Sunday chill time hat I made everyone pose with

Polaroids are a good time

Back to Czar Bar after Sean's birthday party...

That's One Eyed Mike's fake eye looking pretty damn real

Slop Funk Drunk and One Eyed Mike - thanks for the wasted laughs at Reservoir

Here's a Reservoir Bar toilet update

That pretty much sums up my weekend. Maybe I should ride my skateboard more. What a loser

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