School's Out Jam 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2007

Posted on Sunday, June 3, 2007 by Rob

School's Out Jam 2007
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek
The day started out with a lesson on the factors that cause condensation. The course was sweaty like a cold beer mug on a hot summer day. Notice anything missing in this photo? There are no skateboards. We all had to sit around for a while waiting for the course to dry up. No skateboards allowed on the ice
It was full on mongo mania as usual in the kiddie divisions. The poop foot pushers always look like they're trying way harder just to be standing on their board
Dirt Weasel has a mini ramp in his backyard. Yo Dirt, when can I come and skate that thing?
Who dat? Pop shuv. Out of all the tykes with a dome piece on, this kid was my favorite. He wore that helmet until the very end of the day like it was a hat. He probably sleeps in it
Who dat? He probably still thinks Santa and the Tooth Fairy are real, but he's already got a nice looking smith grind
Alejandro Burnell doesn't even realize he's got a great Gonz ollie
Mongolian madness
Jumping off the block was a popular move in the kiddie divisions
This kid is waving goodbye right before he takes one for the team. Have fun
Baby Ganster here is sick. He came out swinging with a pop shuv 50-50 in his first run and won the 9 to 12 Division. This is a kickflip and his real name is Jamie Foy
A light snack in between runs for The Body
These are the 8 and Under winners. Alejandro has nuts in his cheeks like a squirell
9 to 12 Division winners
Shylo Tolliver - cornrows and lipslides
Paul Torrento - frontside pop shuv
Josiah Portillo - switch frontside 180
Paul Torrento - varial heelflip
Seth Franco - lipslide
Who dat? This kid really put in some work to make this boardslide. I think it's pretty interesting watching kids learn the basics
Dylan Durgan - frontside nosegrind
Thta's Mike Espinoza on the flat ground warm up outside. It's a 360 flip
Marlee Miller - Mongolian ollie
Randy Tepper - lipslide
Jaime Ceruti - one foot ollie
Marcus Jalliber - kickflip
Derek Pelland - smith grind
Garret Miller - lipslide
Hector Marti is here on vacation from Puerto Rico with his family. After he rolls away from this kickflip noseslide, he's on his way to medical school
Hector Marti - ollie impossible frontside 50-50
Justin Pelland - frontside flip
Jacob Portillo's legs are skinnier than the rail he's about to lipslide
Matt Town was killing it. Kickflip back tails on the hubba, backside tailslide shuv it out, and more. He won the 16 and Up Division. This is a smith grind
Joe Grant is back smithing for Jamie Thomas
Michael Manion has green Life Savers in his ears. This is a frontside noseblunt slide
Levi posted up with a gigantic cup of sauce right after this lipslide
Alex Pellegrino - frontside boardslide
Shouldn't the kid breakdancing be the one wearing the ghetto gown?
Yonis Molina - nollie crook. I saw him later pimp with a limp style. I guess the ankle got rolled
Dylan Perry's fakie 5-0 on the hubba is the way I would like all the photos to turn out, but that's not so easy
Blake Carpenter - nollie heelflip noseslide
Who dat? Half cab flip
Ryan Dillow - salad grind
Ryan Dillow - frontside nosegrind
Seen those new Matix ads talking about the man-g? They're everywhere
Porpe was talking mad poop about landing this switch frontside flip in the Jam, but things didn't work out. Porpe - take a poop. Speaking of poop, have you seen our new bathrooms? When i walked in there I thought I was in another building. Check them out when you get a chance and drop some schlow in a clean crapper for a change
Robbie Kirkland - shifty flip
Dylan Perry - switch frontside 50-50
Baby Jamie - lipslide
TJ Sparks - I think that's a heelflip. Can't remember
Timmy Knuth - frontside feeble grind
The judges all broke their clipboards smashing them on the railing when Mike Espinoza landed this switch 360 flip
Every time TJ Sparks did a trick on the rail or down the double set, he always did something on the bank to bank leading up to it first. This is a kickflip front board
Porpe is looking uber hipster
That's the 13 to 15 winners taking home some gear. If your company sent products for the prizes and product toss, thanks for hooking it up
16 and Up winners
I think you need an assistant to put your pants on when they're this tight
The jam session in the Sponsored Division was better than the last 10 demos we've had
Every kid in this photo cares about that deck being thrown out except the one kid there with the Hazzard County shirt on. He don't give a fuh
Did you guys see the black dude with the white guy's head? I think he came up in the deck toss
This is Drunk Aaron's new 100 square foot studio apartment
After the Contest, we all went to go see Ed Selego's band, Abandoned Vehicles
One Eyed Mike made some Hand Banana stickers and they were immediately put to proper use
The Hand Banana crew - Bryan, One Eyed Mike, and Slop Funk Drunk
Sexy foot banana
Jimmy's got some old Arto's
The ladies got some fancy hand gear going
That's half of Abandoned Vechicles
Flying around a pit in an office chair is a lot more fun than sitting behind a desk in one like I'm doing right now wasting my entire Sunday
Allison's got the best coozie out - Bag of Suck
Pause for a foot fetish with the ladies
Now we're at the Czar Bar where all the rock stars hang out. For example, Anthony Furlong
Broken toe foot fetish on the all to familiar Czar Bar floor
Boobies and Hand Bananas
Buffalo Stance holds it down all around town
A full blown dance on the bar top train started and Britney was right up in the mix. Nice fishnets
If you wait until 3am, you can take advantage of all the drunk chicks. Good night


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