Damn Am at Minneapolis Street Semi-Finals Heats

Posted on Sunday, June 10, 2007 by Rob

Damn Am at Minneapolis Street Semi-Finals Heats
Top ten make the cut to the Finals.

Jamiel Nowparvar: Heat 1, 1st skater.
Nike SB (flow), Familia Skateshop, Hubba (flow), Matix (flow), Listen (flow)
Chris Montgomery: Heat 1, 2nd skater.
Adio, Full Kit, Reflex Bearings, Alien Workshop, Planet Earth
Ryan Yost: Heat 1, 3rd skater.
3rd Lair, Globe Shoes
Ben Gore: Heat 1, 4th skater.
Nike (flow), Billabong, Nixon, MIA, Satori, Rasa Libre (flow)
Dylan Perry: Heat 1, 5th skater.
Skatepark of Tampa, Etnies (flow), Habitat (flow), Innes(flow), Bones Wheels
Ryan Reyes: Heat 1, 6th skater.
Active, Factor 54
Cody Davis: Heat 1, 7th skater.
3rd Lair, World Industries, Globe, Bones Wheels and Bearings, Dakine, Destructo
Jason Vanzant: Heat 1, 8th skater.
Circa (flow), Hurley, Utility Board Shop
Chris Troy: Heat 1, 9th skater.
Adio, Black Label, Innes, Independent, Spitfire, Brixton
Tabari Cook: Heat 1, 10th skater.
3rd Lair, Roots Skateboards, SK Grip, High Grade Dist (flow)
Kyle Terbush: Heat 1, 11th skater.
Character Skateboards, Bad Boyz Toyz, Krush, Circa, Ill Grip
Matt Berger: Heat 1, 12th skater.
Tensor (flow), Almost (flow), eS footwear (flow), B&B Boardshop, Bones (flow)
Brendan Keaveny: Heat 1, 13th skater.
Allied Board Shop, Sheeple, Sacrifice Skateboard Co.
Nate Compher: Heat 1, 14th skater.
Chocolate, Familia Skateshop, Lakai, Hubba, Matix, Venture
Steve Webb: Heat 1, 15th skater.
Factor 54, Icon Boardshop
Cesar Fernandez: Heat 2, 1st skater.
Ezekiel (flow), Supra (flow), Force (flow), Garrett's Contacts, United Boardshop, Mesh Skatepark, Timeline
David Loy: Heat 2, 2nd skater.
Birdhouse, Emerica (flow), Hurley, Destructo, Active, Spitfire, Ogio
Wes Kremer: Heat 2, 3rd skater.
Sun Diego, Fury, Electric, DC (flow), FKD, Billabong, Skate Mafia
Chazz Ortiz: Heat 2, 4th skater.
Bones, Zoo York (flow), ES (flow), Diamond, UXA, WARP Skatepark
Chris Gregson: Heat 2, 5th skater.
Ambiguous, Active, Destructo, Birdhouse, etnies
Collin Provost: Heat 2, 6th skater.
Element, Volcom, Emerica (flow), Oakley, Thunder, Spitfire, Active
Shane Browning: Heat 2, 7th skater.
DC, Four Seasons Skatepark
Austin Kanfoush: Heat 2, 8th skater.
One Up
Evan Smith: Heat 2, 9th skater.
Mesh Skatepark, Ezekiel, DC Shoe Co. (flow), Force Trucks, Listen
Chris Mendes: Heat 2, 10th skater.
Emerica (flow), LRG, Banned Board Shop
Curren Caples: Heat 2, 11th skater.
Powell, Hurley, S-One, Adio, Bones, Momentum Surf Co. Indy, 1685
Kechaud Johnson: Heat 2, 12th skater.
Crum and Smith Skate Shop, Plan B (flow)
Taylor Smith: Heat 2, 13th skater.
PLAN B (flow), Volcom, Independent, Boost Mobile, Nixon, Monster
Anthony Williams : Heat 2, 14th skater.
Diamond Supply Co., Filmore Wheels, Force Trucks, Univ Familia, L-R-G Clothing, Ice Cream Shoes, Ogio Backpacks, Mystery
Collin Hale: Heat 2, 15th skater.
Stowe Mt. Resort, Talent Skate Park, Bones Wheels, Osiris, Hurley, Destructo (flow)

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