Random Flicks

Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 by Rob

Random Flicks
That's Mike Derewenko's bird. This bird is going to live longer than me
Threw back a few with Drunk Aaron one night
Have you pinched one out in the new SPoT commode yet? It's real fancy in there unlike the rest of this crusty warehouse
I like the gumball machine jewelry. That's Jillian and Legal Britney
Antwuan Dixon randomly showed up at the Park yesterday
That's the infamous Ghetto House that has been rented out and partied in by many local Tampa skateboarders. Mike Derewenko currently lives there. Yesterday, in true ghetto fashion, someone broke into his house and stole his camera gear (Nikon D2X) and his MacBook. Lame
Jimmy Lannon was in town yesterday. Watch for his part in the Element video that we're showing here at SPoT tomorrow night at 8pm

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