Element Premiere Photos and Story

Posted on Tuesday, July 3, 2007 by Gonzo

Element Premiere Photos and Story
Words by John Gow

Just when I thought the Army of Adrenaline and Red Bull influenced skate rats had finally mellowed out from their long, hot, and rebellious experience of Go Skateboarding Day 2007, it was me who found myself in their Element.

As far as the video went it was pretty much what I expected...
  • Nyjah Huston came out strong with the first part and literally BLEW MINDS! (He’s pro, alright?)
  • Brent Atchley swiftly annihilated the rawest tranny spots with effortless steez
  • Jimmy Lannon, Levi Brown, and Mike Barker are all nominated for sickest ams of '07
  • Bam pulled his usual shenanigans, but can still hold his own on the board
  • Muska was Muska, but he lost a few hammers and picked up a pair of mittens for those frigid Hollywood nights
  • Chad Tim Tim's name should be RAD TIM TIM
  • Mike V. should have been non-existent
  • Chris Senn is living the Maui life
  • Jeremy Wray can still b/s 180 (Holy $h!t!)
  • Collin Provost - I’m still not sure what to make of this kid, but his skating was solid
  • Darrell is looking like Pharrell, but is still keeping it real
  • Tosh (oh my Gosh) - take it how you want
  • Tony Tave flies! WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger switch heel
Angel and I had hot flashes from the not-so-air-conditioned Snack Bar as I had flashbacks of my days working in there with the all-of-a-sudden demand for popcorn (thanks Kory). After the video we got bombarded by unusually greedy groms who proved that either Element t-shirts are still as popular as they ever were, or maybe kids are just way too product-happy these days. CHILL! I could have been throwing out Nash t-shirts and these kids would have reacted like it was cash.

Anyway, it was only fitting that the kids with the broken or most beat decks got new ones courtesy of Element and yours truly. Then Angel and I had to escape before we got jumped in the parking lot for the Premiere Copy of the video and went home to dream about how not to get arrested next year on Go Skateboarding Day.

Now go skate!