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Nothing to Do in Copenhagen

Posted on Tuesday, July 3, 2007 by Rob

Nothing to Do in Copenhagen
By Rob Meronek

This is David Gravette at a spot across the street from the hotel. That landing sure sucks

They like the clear rolling papers here. Apparently they're slightly cleaner and healthier. So you're lighting something on fire and inhaling the smoke and you're worried about how healthy your papers are. Yeah, that makes sense

This is the hotel room key with some interesting mini-bar options on it. I'll take all three

More head schrapnel. Ouch

Gravette has a "Let's Party" tattoo. Ok, let's party

And party we did. Nothing to do on a rainy night in Copenhagen led to a $400 bar tab in the lounge

Carma works at the Fox Hotel so she showed us some of the crazy rooms. Look at that huge bed and what is that thing on the ground?

Sketchy purple potato chips? No thanks

Joe Hammeke's office

P-Stone's office

I think I'm over ten deep on these chicken sticks they sell at all the 7-11's here

There's a skate shop next door to the hotel. Take the price of everything in a US skate shop and add fifty bucks to it to get the price here

Schaefer ordered a calzone from the bangin spaghetti place and this gargantuan thing came out


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