P-Stone's Video Footage in Berlin

Posted on Saturday, July 14, 2007 by Rob

P-Stone's Video Footage in Berlin
David Gravette can't slam on his hip because it's jacked, so he has to throw out the scorpion on a regular basis
David Gravette - backside nosegrind at the ledge spot across from Fox Hotel where we stayed
David Gravette - nollie 360 flip on flat
Lennie - some kind of weird side pressure flip on flat while we waited for the rain to go away
Lennie - pop shuv late flip still waiting for the rain to stop
Renton Millar - frontside ollie at the vert ramp at the skate park in Berlin
Roberto Aleman - back smith at the bench spot
Roberto Aleman - frontside 50-50 up to frontside tailslide down
Roberto Aleman - front blunt in the very hard to skate Christiania bowl in Copenhagen
Roberto Aleman - nollie back heel still waiting for the rain to stop

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