Gravette Snores Louder Than a Heavy Metal Show

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2007 by Rob

Gravette Snores Louder Than a Heavy Metal Show
By Rob Meronek

On our last night in Prague, Wu Tang was doing a show pretty close to our hotel. I missed them in Berlin so I was going to this one no matter what. Schaefer and P-Stone went to go see a show with our friend Mike Pipito from Florida, Dyet, and Gravette were casino bound in our hotel, and the last remaning person in the Six Pack was shacked up with Karolina. Lucky dude. That left me going solo to the Wu Tang show where I found that the only brothas in the building were the Clan on stage. The sound completely sucked, it was hotter than an oven, and I had no crew, but it was still a good time. Check out the video below for some clips of their struggle on the mic and some of Gravette's snoring that has kept me up for some long nights. You can hear GZA like, "We need a translator," when they're trying to get the light guy to do something for them. Their mics kept going on in the middle of songs, too.

We are in Amsterdam now and our crew is getting larger and larger. DMFP and Clements just showed up. DJ Wade and Rothmeyer are on the way. AmsterDamn Am 2007 gets started tomorrow. Watch for coverage as the weekend goes on.


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