Onward to Amsterdam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Onward to Amsterdam

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2007 by Rob

Onward to Amsterdam

We sat at the same hilltop overlooking the city as we did last year. We had to stock up on beers for us and our new friends due to the nearby bar closing down

Karolina and her sexy Czech style helped out with the sauce, too

DJ P-Stone kept the atmosphere up and Schaefer passed out yet again on Dirty Bird guard duty

Roberto Aleman will kill you if you attempt to kidnap Dirty Bird

If only they knew that the dirt on Dirty Bird is the feces and mud from Roskilde a couple weeks ago

This pretty much sums up the night. A chill time with friends old and new while smoking and drinking the night away in some random country

P-Stone walks and pisses at the same time

There was a casino at one of our hotels with free drinks and smokes with blackjack. Not good for me. I gamble kinda' wild. Sometimes it works out. First night I won 10,500 kroner (about $500), so I bought everyone a t-bone dinner. The next night I went back and lost a thousand US. Easy come, easier go

Before the loss...

Prague is hot. There are many shirtless dudes

Dirty Bird is heavily guarded by Schaefer. I hear Thomas has sent in some spies to capture Dirty. We'll see if he makes it through this weekend. There will definitely be a reward for his safe return if he goes missing

On our last night in town Wu Tang was doing a show. No one was up for it so I went solo and had a great time with random Euros I ran into

Good-bye Praha, hello Amsterdam. Wait, but not before a layover in Milan. I made sure to get an Italy passport stamp

Hello Amsterdam

Chris Troy is here. This is a switch crook

Gravette's snoring is louder than this kickflip back smith on a metal bench

I guess there's some kind of bowl jam here tomorrow. This is right in the center of the mix in Amsterdam

Only the posers and lazy people of spliff smoking buy these things. I guess that's why I have one

There's a new mini-ramp at the Skatepark Amsterdam. Donovan Piscopo's got a good looking no comply tailslide

This is probably the strangest Euro pisser I've seen so far

The Six Pack picked up two more travelers and is now the eight pack. Adam Dyet and Dylan Perry joined us in a single room. DMFP slept in the tub due to limited floor space. Things have been tight


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