San Diego Day Four: eS Game of SKATE & Thrasher KOTR Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

San Diego Day Four: eS Game of SKATE & Thrasher KOTR Party

Posted on Sunday, September 9, 2007 by Rob

Words by Ryan Clements
Photos by Rob Meronek

Geoff Kopski - half cab flip
Alex Mizurov - nollie heel
Gustavo Morales - nollie heel
Rodrigo Leal - switch varial heel
Brian Kennedy - nollie flip
Joe Eastman - varial flip
CJ Tamborino - nollie heel
Spencer Brown - nollie double flip
Willy Kane - half cab flip
Mark Suciu - heelflip
Alex Mizurov - nollie one foot
Alex Mizurov is the Am Game of SKATE champ
Jimmy Carlin - switch frontside flip
Danny Garcia - switch frontside 360
Brandon Turner - switch frontside flip
Javier Sarmiento - backside flip
Sierra Fellers - 360 flip
Adam Dyet - inward heel
Peter Ramondetta - switch heel
Pat Channita - jean shorts
Sierra Fellers - switch flip
Rodrigo Peterson - frontside big spin
Erik Ellington - frontside flip
Dylan Rieder - frontside flip
Dylan Rieder - hardflip
Erik Ellington - nollie heel
Kelly Hart - 360 flip
Danny Fuenzalida - nollie half cab flip
Brandon Biebel - varial heel
Mike Mo Capaldi - varial heel
Mike Mo Capaldi - 360 flip
Brandon Biebel - nollie flip
Danny Garcia - switch frontside flip
Tony Tave - nollie flip
Tony Tave - 360 flip
Adelmo Jr. - nollie double flip
Peter Ramondetta - 360 flip
Nyjah Huston - 360 flip
Chris Cole - varial heel
The crowd
Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first...
Chris Cole and Nyjah Huston
The day started early once again with much caffeine and a Jamba Juice. The walk to the San Diego Convention Center is a beautiful one from the Horton Plaza on Saturday morning, but it’s the calm before the storm. The only Mini-Ramp Demo of the day went off, but everyone was awaiting the much-anticipated Game of SKATE.

Am Game of SKATE
eS does it right. They host Games of SKATE around the world, and the winner from each area is crowned regional champ. In addition, and more importantly, they receive a ticket to ASR to compete in the International Am Game of SKATE.

Our boy that won the Game at Skatepark of Tampa two years in a row, Willy Kane, made it to the second round, but got bumped out by Andrew Smith, who ended up in 2nd place, right behind the winner for the second year in a row, Alex Mizurov. Rounding out the ams was Carlos Castra in 3rd and Matt Lemond (who’s only 13-years-old) in 4th.

The ams were impressive and fun to watch because you didn’t really know what they were going to throw out next, but nothing tops a good ol’ Game of SKATE between professionals…

Pro/Invite Game of SKATE
Things got switched up a little bit this year. Instead of letting anyone pro or top am in the Game of SKATE, an invite list that was developed and put into effect. The field consisted of all pros and a few of what some call “super-ams,” like Mike-mo Capaldi and Kelly Hart.

I’m sure that there were a few guys out there that were bummed out, but instead of having 50+ entrants, there were fewer than 30. It made the viewing much easier and the Game took much less time, therefore keeping the attention of the viewers for a longer period of time. Bottom line is that it was just more exciting that way.

The stage was set to resemble a boxing arena. There were bleachers on each side, a video projector was showing the Game if you had a bad seat, a live webcast was in effect, and an excitable crowd filled with enthusiasm was ready to go. It was on.

The Game went quickly and there were some upsets straight out the box. But in a Game where so many of the guys are top-notch, that’s going to happen. And the beauty of a Game of SKATE between professionals is that you truly don’t know what’s going to happen. You can check Rob’s graph to see who skated against whom in detail because I was announcing and I couldn’t really take notes. But here are some things that I remember specifically:
  • Pat Channita took out Jimmy Carlin rather quickly. Nice to see that Pat is still on top of his game
  • Nyjah Huston was seated in the first round against Sierra Fellers, and it was certainly a surprise to see him put a whooping on Sierra, who I thought might possibly take it all
  • Due to an uneven number of entrants, there had to be a few matches of three
  • It was sick to see Erik Ellington out there – he beat Rodrigo Peterson to make it to the second round, but was taken out by Chris Cole at that point
  • Javier Sarmiento seems to pretty much have every single trick. He came out swinging during his match against Brandon Turner and Mike Mo Capaldi, but Mike Mo ended up taking control and getting into the final bracket
There was a loser bracket and winner bracket. The three ‘losers’ were Joey Brezinski, Danny Garcia, and Javier Sarmiento. Danny was out first and Joey got out second, so that left Javier in 4th Place and earned him $2000. Here are the official results:
  • 1st – Chris Cole - $10,000 – kickflip bs 360 ollie on flat about 3’ high
  • 2nd – Nyjah Huston - $5,000 – every trick imaginable…switch varial flip body varial
  • 3rd – Mike Mo Capaldi - $3000 – mad snaps and amazing style
  • 4th – Javier Sarmiento - $2000 – veteran tech skater…switch bs bigflip no problem every try
Where was P.J. Ladd, P-Rod, Jereme Rogers, Koston, and so many other guys that could have done so well in the Game of SKATE? Hope to see those rippers out there next year.

Party Time
The entertainment didn’t stop there. Immediately following the Game was a Premiere of the new eS flick “eSpecial” on the big screen. And then on the Vestal Stage right next to the Game area was Juliette and the Licks playing some rock n’ roll. Yes, I mean Juliette Lewis. She was pretty entertaining and looking damn cute, but I had to get the hell out of there because I was over-trade-showed at that point. I heard that she bagged on ex-hubby Steve Berra in between songs. Jokes in public about ex’s are just not that funny.

We got the whole Tampa crew together and headed out for some grub, talked mad crap about anyone and anything, and then headed to the Thrasher King of the Road Party. I love the House of Blues, but why in the world they hosted the final party at a place that doesn’t allow anyone under 21 in is beyond me. Has anyone taken a look at the Foundation Team recently?

I socialized with some old pals and new friends and finally they announced the results after an amazing trailer of some of the $h!t that went down. I can’t wait to see that video.

1st – Blind
2nd – Foundation
3rd – Black Label
4th – Zoo York

By the way, the Party was sponsored by Harley Davidson and that EA Skate game. The commercial for EA that they played before the KOTR trailer was seriously ingenious. One-upping Tony Hawk Pro Skater is no easy task, but I think it’s been done.

I did my usual disappearing act and busted out without saying goodbye. I attempted to get to sleep extra-early, but the party going on in the Horton Plaza Westin Bar was too much to pass up…and plus, Abdias was there, so I had to hang.

Two days down…one to go…


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