Globe United By Fate 2 Premiere Lazy Photo Shooting Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Globe United By Fate 2 Premiere Lazy Photo Shooting

Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2007 by Rob

Globe United By Fate 2 Premiere Lazy Photo Shooting
By Rob Meronek

There are all kinds of ways to creatively slack when you don't really feel like doing your job. Sweep the dirt under the rug, take extra long smoke breaks, nap time behind the dark shades while appearing to be awake, etc. Here's how to turn half-assed photography into top quality professional work. Yesterday the Globe crew was here to show their new video. Afterwards, we went to a bar. Imagine that. I'll spare you yet another set of party photos.

Lazy photography tip number one: use the fisheye so you don't even have to look through the viewer thing. You just hold your arm out and push the shutter button. I didn't see Chris Haslam actually make this switch backside noseblunt in the bowl, but you know damn well he can do it. So, instead of a take a poop, I just drew in the rest of the sequence for you. Look at that ride away. Perfect!

Lazy photography tip number two: leave the flash behind. That thing makes the camera even bigger and heavier. Instead, use some Hollywood magic and touch up your photos in the lab afterwards. In this case, I had to draw in this kid's face. No one can even tell. Sorry I forgot your name little man

Lazy photography tip number three: Use a camera with built in flash. The Nikon D200 I'm using has a built in flash that sort of works for skate photos sometimes. I think I took a sip of my drink while snapping this photo and using lazy photography tip number one above. Levi is now getting shoes from Globe

That's Machnau and Haslam. At the premiere stop before this one, they forgot to bring the video, so they just didn't show it. Oops. At least they didn't forget to bring the beer. Thanks for the sauce, boys

It didn't take long for this to empty out. Ternell's the saucekeeper for the night

Chet Thomas followed up a regular frontside flip with this switch frontside just as high. If I could draw better, I'd have the sequence for you

That's Body's note on the tip jar. He should change it to "Will take hip hop lyrics and in an attempt to immitate my favorite rapper, brutally mangle the lyrics for tips"

If you were here, thanks for coming out


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