A Mid-November Street Course Update

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 by Angel

By Angel Carela

The last day scheduled for the Park reconstruction was full of anxious kids ready to skate the new course.  Team Pain worked extra hard on Friday night so the kids could skate before the Park closed.  And so, the locals offered to help clean up the course of debris and sawdust and got to skate the last 30 minutes of the session.  
In a matter of seconds, the course filled up with kids ready to help clean up the course
Brooms and dustpans were shared while others used their bare hands
Soon after, the sawdust started flying all over the place and made it a little hard to see but it sure made the photo look a lot cooler. Rob, this one should give the photo of Porpe blowing the ashtray a run for its money
Oliver and Derek team up to move this barricade out of the way
Group photo of the hard working kids that helped to clean up
Another group of troopers inside one of the new obstacles
Saturday morning and the new course is looking nice
New step-up
China banks and bank to wall
Rebirth of the new course with some sawdust still flying around

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