Harvest Jam 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam 2007

Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2007 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Get full results for the Harvest Jam here.

That's the winner of the 8 and Under Division, Julluis Jimenez. His mom is a 10 and a half for sure
So, baby Jimenez's mom was awarded Hottest Mom of the Year award. This woman on the left was claiming she's the mom of the mom, making her the grandmom. Wow, I think I'm older than grandma. That's the 8 and Under winners
Baby rocket ollie in the 8 and Under. Who dat?
Full Mongolian BBQ was served for lunch
Those are some of my favorite little tykes right there. Kai Gause, Jordan Price, Bong Gause, and Spencer Lau
Josiah Haslam
Who dat? Front board
Here's some of Body's commentary on the mic: Bong rips! Someone get some water for Bong! And finally, Bong hit the rail...
In the bottom photo, that poor kid with only the elbow pad showing has his face smashed up against the angle iron. When we asked him if he was ok after this mess, he tough guyed it but had this look on his face like, "Man, that sucked!"
9 to 12 winners - there's like a foot difference in hieght between these kids. Is that normal?
I got stuck working during the Girls' Division so I didn't get an photos. Here are the winners of the first, but not the last Girls' Division
Josiah Portillo is trying to bring back the old site colors with that shirt you can see from outer space. That's a back lip
Josiah Portillo - nollie heel off the a-frame to the pyramid
Mike Espinoza - nollie 360 flip down the stairs
Alex Pellegrino - frontside bigspin down the steps
Solomon Mosley - nollie bigspin back lip on the bank to flat bar
T4PREZ - switch frontside bigspin down the stairs
I'm having a brain fart and can't remember a name here...that's a feeble grind
Crap, still can't think of the name. I suck. That's a kickflip
That's Cameron on an ollie over the deckless bank to bank
That's the 13 to 15 Division winners
We should have the Loyal Worker award as well as the Loyal Lurker. This year's Loyal Lurker is Jake Hall
Jack dropped some bills in the Shop this year to get the Best Customer Award
Here's a close up an Antwuan Dixon's latest tat
Who dat? Frontside noseblunt slide
Who dat? Smith grind
Kickflip boardslide Life Savers ears
Ryan Dodge is in town. We are going to play with our skateboards all damn day today if I can quit geeking out on the keyboard
Yonis Molina - nollie big
Matt Giles - purple and neon green socks, cut off shorts, fatty to flatty
T4PREZ - that's a big ol' nollie flip from the a-frame to the pyramid
People who wear shorts a lot generally don't have successful careers in skateboarding, even if they totally rip. I don't make up these facts, I'm just delivering them to you. Some people get it, some don't. Or maybe I'm just retarded and I'm the one who doesn't get it. Oh well. Aaron Collier rips. At the end of the jam, he did switch heel front board perfect on the small rail. This is a regular front boardshorts
Robbie Kirkland - kickflip frontside 50-50 for the judges
That's the 16 and Up Division winners
That's the Sponsored Divsion winners


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