Shaqueefa Demo December 2007

Posted on Saturday, December 22, 2007 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Abdias Rivera - backside nosegrind
Chris Jata - frontside flip
WZA - wall ride
T4PREZ - nollie
T4PREZ - nollie flip
T4PREZ - frontside feeble
How many times have you seen Flared? Abdias Rivera - back smith kickflip out
SAD is back from Japan and throwing out all kinds of Jap sounding lingo along with nollies down the set
Ian Gow - half cab flip. Chuck Norris can't even kick like that
I'm spelling Robbie's name "Roby" so it's "Ybor" backwards. Roby Kirkland - 360 flip disco point
Kyle Stone probably shot a better photo of Ian Gow's switch heel front board
Body is the Shaqueefa Chief. Crooked grind with a propeller hat
Ian Gow - kickflip frontside 5-0, landing cut off by sketchy skateboard photographer

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