Contest Spot Check: Raging Waters Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Contest Spot Check: Raging Waters

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 by Ryan

By Ryan Clements

This view is what normal kids get stoked on
How about we build a quarter-pipe so someone can fly out and do an Indy nosepick on the top of that thing?
I'm thinking mad-crooks the whole way down that kiddy slide
I think I got something for this one. We actually walked from the top of that slide all the way down to the bottom of it and it was pitch couldn't see you own hand in front of you
This area had some unique possibilities, but will need some ramp modifications to make it possible
We were thinking for one of the obstacles we could put a big jump ramp at the bottom of this. Oh, someone already did that? Nevermind
Although this thing looks super-fun in the picture, it's actually really steep. There is no way in hell that you'd be able to go down the entire thing without killing yourself
This is the top of the slide in the last pic. Those little quarters up there would have been fun to ride
The ground looked rough here, but it wasn't actually that bad. We were thinking maybe a flat bar and ledge going down the small embankment and the bottom of that slide in the background is skateable, too
No modifications necessary
Around Christmas I was out west visiting family, but you know that with our gigs that you can never completely get away from work. DVS had hit us up to discuss doing a contest at the Raging Waters park in San Dimas, and since I was out there I had no choice but to volunteer to check the joint out.

If you're an avid reader of the site you'll recall my trip to North Carolina in December to check out that Olympic White Water Rafting Park, and this was sort-of the same thing. What are the chances of two completely un-related contests at two different water-related parks happening during the same part of the year on opposite ends of the country? Go figure.

We were staying in Costa Mesa, so the drive to San Dimas on December 27th wasn't that bad. I was meeting a couple of the guys from Utility and Jeff King out there to give the overall evaluation.

Don't you always go to places like water parks and think, "Man, if we could just skate that?" I do all of the time and it was cool to check the place out with no people and no water. There were definitely some possibilities out there, so please enjoy the pics.

I don't know if either contest is going to happen at the moment, but sometime down the road I'm sure one or the other will work out.


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