Slaughter at the Opera 2008 Chill Time Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Slaughter at the Opera 2008 Chill Time

Posted on Monday, March 3, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

That's the Opera House banks. Those cracks are a lot bigger than they look
This was an area called Bondi. There's a skatepark on the beach there. It was definitely designed and built by your dad
The night before the event was the Todd Bratrud art show
Ryan Sheckler just turned 18 and got his own place a week ago. Check out his Transworld interview. He made a few good points in there. I make fun of everything and everyone, including myself and Sheckler, but one thing I'm not going to say is that Sheckler is ruining skateboarding. If you think that, sorry, that's just stupid. True skateboarding has survied the XGaymes, Tony Hawk riding for Bagel Bites, big ass companies buying into it, Bam, Andy Mac, and it will survive Ryan Sheckler's show. Skateboarding is stronger than that so stop screaming the sky is falling. At least Sheckler is a damn good skateboarder. Okay, see you at the gym, Ryan!
Jason Rothmeyer's party to skate photo ratio on the site is the opposite of most so we had to pose this party pic. Jason doesn't drink. At least one of us is on point. That's Clements and Todd Bratrud with him. They are not party posing
Whatever band that was at the Bratrud show, they ripped
Just when I think I may have a drinking problem, I hang out with someone like Dustin Dollin and I feel normal again. Bratrud is looking like Silent Bob
Hearts on the eyes - nice. She should paint eyes on her eyelids
The girls here are really outgoing. They actually come up and talk to you instead of it having to be the other way around. I was walking by these two girls on the bottom photo and got a slap on the shoulder out of nowhere. They just wanted to meet someone new. When does that ever happen in the uptight and paranoid US and A?
Steve Stratton, lensman and general bid'niss character at Volcom, and Darrell Stanton
Another random Aussie girl encounter. She thinks I'm weird because I asked to take a foot fetish photo
They look at smoking in a very negative way here. I say look at it in a positive way. Smoking prevents the age of 60. I mean, come on, who wants to be 60? It also prevents osteoporosis, Alzheimer's Disease, and other things generally associated with being 60. Light up with me kids and prevent all those bad things from happening to you
Saturday night was some huge gay pride parade. There were plenty of interesting characters out
The drinking age is 18 in Australia. Mike Mo Capaldi still isn't old enough. This kid was fanning out hard at the After-Party, but Mo is a super nice guy and took it well
That's a very Aussie lady-like way to have a drink
As usual, a full open bar means triple fisting. Thanks Globe and Thrasher for hooking up a super fun After-Party
This girl said she got this Hooters Clearwater shirt on eBay. I didn't notice if they had Hooters in Australia or not
Ryan Decenzo has the right idea on these random Aussie girls we met. What's Aussie for shocker?
That's Jess. She's supporting the gay pride parade with some rainbow undies
Of course we have to do the traditional floor shot. Daryl Angel is in on this one. After this, we all cut a rug on the dance floor since the sauce removed any and all inhibitions
Koston was in full Weekend at Bernie's mode all night. His head is looking right but you know his eyeballs under those shades are looking left
The international terminals in all the airports are a great place to people watch
That's downtown Sydney as seen from a seat on the runway. See all you kangaroos next year


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