Tampa Pro 2008 Chill Time Day Two Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2008 Chill Time Day Two

Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 by Rob

by Rob Meronek

The Red Bull Girls entered the building chanting like it was someone's birthday at Hooters. That's Milton Martinez, Red Bull's pro from some country that probably has a rain forest or something
Jim Thiebaud doesn't like photos. Right now he's showing Nick Dompierre some drafts of his new pro model boards. Sometimes actual work gets done here at Tampa Pro
That's Adam Dyet and a random website fan we met at the Band of Horses show. Welcome to foot fetishness
Bam Margera - thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig. I guess that's his wife giving Joanne, bartender and local at The Hub, a smooch on the lips. Super excited fan on BGP's
I had pretty decent seats for the Band of Horses show. Hopefully you did, too. Thanks, Schaefer
Matt Eversole is the first name that appears in the credits in the enjoi video. He makes a fine skateboarding movie
Skaters in the contest and industry cool guys were able to separate themselves from the commoners just to the right of the stage with special alcoholic sauces being served. Porpe and I enjoyed every minute
Schaefer and Koston were two of the last people seen hanging out at the show. Were the picking up trash?
Eric Koston, welcome to foot fetishness. Who threw a nub in there? That's a pretty clean cut
At 2am, this pile of sauce looks amazing. Just a few short hours later, it comes back to haunt you. Bill Weiss knows
This dude got a board to the dome during the Vert Contest. He was hyped
Miss Tennie Bopper Hawaiian Tropic sported this get-up all weekend in hopes of capturing Sheckler's eye. I don't think it worked
Who am I hanging out with right now? I have no idea, but we did trade shoes, though. Switch foot fetish
Lenny Rivas found out how Ashley acts after midnight
You can find this photo in the dictionary under thunder thighs or muffin tops. Blair from Transworld has the best view
Congrats on your second win, Lutzka
Gonz signed his board and threw it in as a First Place trophy in the Vert Contest
The Almost Moat Race was extra clean this year due to rain all day. You could barely smell any feces. Lame
Former pro skateboard brothers Lance and Scott Conklin
All day long there were call outs on the mic for someone to do a ho ho plant. David Clark brought out these two ho's instead
Top three in Vert Pro were PLG, Danny, and Buster
Mark, please come back next year. See you all then


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