Not Your Average Thursday

Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2008 by Rob

Words by John Gow
Photos by Angel Carela

Steve's new Vans RV
The Vans crew setting up with free product and food for the kids
SPoT locals Nick, Anthony, Lil' Brandon, "Enrique," and Mateo waiting to get some grub
Steve and his crew were all about serving the kids and having a good time
It is no surprise that Scotty was one of the first in line to get some food. I never saw that bottle of sweet relish after this photo
Alva heading to the bend on this front smith
TA on a back disaster
Alex Pellegrino on a back overcrooks minutes before his arm got snapped
Alva signed some autographs for the kids, as well as for some of the parents that were pretty psyched to see him
The vert buddies had their own demo going on
Frazier on a straight-legged fs air
Kickflip Indy by Furlong
Steve wrapped things up with his own delicious waffle recipe
With the last week of Spring Break winding down and all the bosses out of town, the guys who invented the waffle grip decided to show up and serve some on a stick on a day so hot it proved summer is just around the corner.

What went down: Steve Van Doren pulled up in a sizeable Vans RV with a generous amount of food and promo for whoever was fortunate enough to enjoy it. Alongside him was a very high-spirited, good-hearted crew and ground-breaking skate legend, Tony Alva, who seemed to be just as popular to some of the kids' dads as he was to the kids themselves. While Alva carved around and signed a few autographs, making it evident where his roots of skating came from, Alex Pellegrino made the generation gap obvious as usual until an unfortunate turn cost him a broken arm. Best wishes on healing up, Alex!

Then Anthony Furlong and Mike Frazier made it hard to tell whether or not it was a Vans shindig or the first ever Skatepark of Tampa Team Vert Demo by ripping long enough to keep the Red Bull ramp red hot. The only thing that could have made this day better is if our staff could have all left work early to head out to the beach, but instead, thanks to a traditional idea of mine and Furlong's wallet, we all ended the day at hooters. Clements would have been proud!

Oh yeah, special thanks goes out to Steve and his crew for being so accommodating, especially under the extreme weather conditions...and to Jon Mann for the milk - those waffles were delicious!

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