Sometimes I Use All This Camera Crap I Have

Posted on Friday, April 18, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

There isn't much for spots downtown, but you do what you can
There was a show at the Tampa Theater downtown so all the lights were on. That's Dodge doing a switch heel. Maybe next time I'll actually set up the tri-pod straight
This is looking straight up at the ceiling at Tampa Theater. We tried this shot like 30 times with a kickflip and it wasn't turning out. This is just an ollie. Now it's time to go to The Hub next door
That's what the kickflip looked like. Look closely and you can see Dodge in there
I like this black and white one
A crusty photo from the crusty Hub. Kelly and Joanne serve it up
Oh yeah, we spent some time at the Bro Bowl. Nothing really photo worthy there. I like Ashley's tag, though. This Sunday on 4/20 from 4pm to 4:20pm there's a best trick jam type thing with $420 bucks being given out. The Bro Bowl is going to get smoked by some ripping skating. Who's got the Reynolds kickflip melon flyout?
Sometimes there's actually quality women at The Hub. We're chillian with Jillian. Thanks for having a beer with us dirts. Good night everyone, the lights just turned on in this seedy joint