Nerdsday Thursday: How Old Are Top Am Skateboarders?

I'm going to try to put on the CPA and bid'niss clown costume once a week for a feature I'm calling Nerdsday Thursday. Every Thursday, I'm going to stab your mind with numbers from my massive mountain of skateboard data I've been collecting for over a decade now through running, all our events, our inventory system, our point of sale system, our live scoring app, and our skater database. I've developed and designed every single detail of how all these systems work from the ground up to custom fit our business and make this place run smooth with the least amount of staffing required. That produces tons of data.

I capture everything from what you click through on the site to how many contests you skate to what magazine coverage you have. Nerdsday Thursday will be a small piece of that information each week. This week, I'm continuing the age analysis of last week but switching the data to Damn Am skaters over the years: Nerdsday Thursday: How Old Are Top Am Skateboarders?.
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