Nerdsday Thursday Video Edition: The iPad Digital Live Scoring System at Tampa Pro

Every Thursday, I do a feature called Nerdsday Thursday where I go over all kinds of numbers and nerdy crap in the skateboard industry. This week, it's a special video edition of Nerdsday Thursday. We've had the ability to do live and instant scoring for years, but at Tampa Pro, we've always resisted changing up our traditional format like that. This year, there will be live and instant scoring for the first time at Tampa Pro. The contest format will remain the same, but the order of events will change. We used to have Best Trick right after the Finals then release the results in an awards ceremony right after that, but since this year you’ll know the results as the Finals are going on, we decided to move Best Trick to Saturday and have the awards immediately following the last run by the last skater in the Finals. If you can’t be here, catch it all live at all weekend. In this video, I’m going to take you through a couple minutes of how the scoring system works. It was filmed to be shown to the broadcast viewers during Tampa Pro weekend. See you here or online. Thanks for watching Tampa Pro. Pardon my horrible interface design. I can code, but I can't make anything pretty to save my life.
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