Phoenix Am 2014 Finals Results

1: Matt Berger

Matt Berger
Sponsors: Flip, Etnies, BONES Wheels, Matix, Monster, Thunder, Underworld Skateshop, Filmbot Grip
Hometown: BC Canada

2: Micky Papa

Micky Papa
Sponsors: Almost, New Balance (Flow), RDS, Mountain Dew Canada, FKD, Silver, Bones, Nixon, Diamond, Markisa, Switchmade Productions
Hometown: Vancouver BC

3: Jack Olson

Jack Olson
Sponsors: Real, Thunder, Spitfire, C1RCA, 3rd Lair
Hometown: St. Louis Park MN

4: Tyson Bowerbank

Tyson Bowerbank
Sponsors: DC Shoes, Almost, Thunder, Spitfire, Bones Swiss, BC Surf and Sport,
Hometown: Salt Lake UT

5: Jagger Eaton

Jagger Eaton
Sponsors: DC, Planb, bones, independent, Redbull, KTR
Hometown: Mesa AZ

6: Clive Dixon

Clive Dixon
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Spitfire, Thunder, The Goodworth, Ambig, Skatepark of Tampa
Hometown: Cocoa Beach FL

7: Chase Webb

Chase Webb
Sponsors: Element, DC, Thunder, Spitfire, Glassy, Active
Hometown: Murrieta CA

8: Cyril Jackson

Cyril Jackson
Sponsors: Baker, DC Shoes, Independent Trucks, Spitfire, Shake Junt, Loud Headphones, Val Surf, Happy Hour Shades
Hometown: Bakersfield CA

9: Noe Solis

Noe Solis
Sponsors: Warning Skate Shop, Powell Peralta, Bones Wheels, Markisa, Emerica, Downtown Patients Group, MOB Grip
Hometown: Paramount CA

10: Gustavo Servin

Gustavo Servin
Sponsors: Nike SB Mexico, Zero Skateboards (flow), Sosa Grip, Loop Co., Bones Wheels (Flow)
Hometown: Chihuahua, Mexico

11: Dashawn Jordan

Dashawn Jordan
Sponsors: Nike SB (flow), KR3W (flow), Diamond (flow), Bones Swiss (flow), Element (Flow), Royal Trucks, Glassy (flow), Grizzly Grip
Hometown: Chandler AZ

12: Sebo Walker

Sebo Walker
Sponsors: Krooked, Spitfire, Lakai, Bones Swiss, Nixon, Stance, Cals Pharmacy
Hometown: Salem OR