Damn Am Atlanta 2014 Best Trick Results

1: Chad Poore

Chad Poore
Sponsors: PLUS Skateshop, Lakai (flow), Bones Wheels (flow), Zero, Royal trucks
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Notes: full cab front blunt / front blunt kickflip to fakie on the hubba

2: Isaiah Rodriguez

Isaiah Rodriguez
Sponsors: Bones Wheels (flow), Tork Trucks, PDP, Fatal Clothing, One Motion Skateboarding, CLS Squad, Ganja Grip, Empty Handed Hardware, SUPRA
Hometown: Leesburg VA
Notes: switch heel tail 270 out / nollie heel crook to fakie on the hubba

3: Antonio Massey

Antonio Massey
Sponsors: N.F.G., Vu Skateshop, Etnies
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Notes: 180 switch back 5-0 to regular on the rail

4: Thomas Dritsas

Thomas Dritsas
Sponsors: Dc Shoes, Birdhouse (flow), Vertical Urge Skate Shop
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Notes: Gap back smith on the hubba

5: Ben Walters

Ben Walters
Sponsors: Pure Boardshop, Theeve trucks, Wreck Wheels
Hometown: Annapolis MD
Notes: 360 flip nosegrind 180 on the hubba

6: Jon Cosentino

Jon Cosentino
Sponsors: Element, Converse CONS, Nixon, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Independent, Official Hats, Hustler Boardshop Oakville, CBMK Skatepark, Bro Style (flow), Concrete Icecream Wax
Hometown: Oakville, Canada
Notes: nollie heel front noseblunt on the hubba