Damn Am Minneapolis Thanks for Nothing Results

1: Steve Nesser

Steve Nesser
Sponsors: Spitfire, Familia Skateshop, IPath, Independent, The High Five, Adeline Apparel, Swiss
Hometown: Minneapolis MN
Notes: Holding it down for the entire weekend & nine years of Familia Skateshop!

2: Tom Rohrer

Tom Rohrer
Sponsors: Mountain Dew, Quintin Co., Lakai (flow), BLVD
Hometown: Minneapolis MN
Notes: Pinky's up! Never let Schaefer reset your broken limbs.

3: Nina Beal

Nina Beal
Notes: You're on the team! Hostess of the weekend!

4: Alex Uncapher

Alex Uncapher
Notes: Thanks for killing it behind the lens! Documenting Damn Am life!