Damn Am 2002 at Dept. of Skateboarding Independent Best Trick Results

1: Phil Trotter

Sponsors: Adidas, Nixon, Cals Pharmacy, Shorty's, Black Panther, Venture, Black Magic
Hometown: Portland OR
Notes: Kickflip frontside 5050 - cement

2: Jesse Bracewell

Sponsors: Dept. of Skateboarding, Cal's Pharmacy, Savier
Hometown: Portland OR
Notes: Switch five-0

3: Matt Hanson

Sponsors: Savier, Cal's Pharmacy
Hometown: Portland OR
Notes: Nollie noseslide - cement

4: Aaron Herrington

Sponsors: Polar skate co., Sml wheels, Converse CONS, Theories of Atlantis, Independent, Bones bearings, Bronze 56k, Coma Brand, Chrystie NYC
Hometown: Corvallis, OR
Notes: Krooks - cement