Red Bull Manny Mania 2007 New York Finals Results at Skatepark of

Red Bull Manny Mania 2007 New York Finals Results

1: Ronnie Creager

Sponsors: Etcetera, Theeve, Bones Wheels, Mob Grip
Hometown: Orange CA
Notes: $10,000 (switch manual, pop shove manual, nose manual 180 out, switch kickflip manual, switch heelflip manual, kickflip manual, nollie backside flip fakie manual, switch nose manual fakie flip out, switch kickflip nose manual, kickflip nose manual 360 shove out, halfcab kickflip manual, kickflip manual 180 out (both backside and frontside), switch frontside kickflip manual, nollie hardflip manual, switch manual switch heelflip out)

2: Brandon Biebel

Sponsors: Girl, Diamond Footwear, Silver, Gold Wheels, Matix, FKD, Diamond, Red Bull, Neff, Grizzly Grip
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Notes: $6,000 (nose manual nollie kickflip, halfcab heelflip nose manual backside 180 out, nollie 360 flip manual, kickflip nose manual, switch heel manual, backside 180 fakie manual halfcab out, switch heelflip nose manual, switch 180 to nose manual backside 180 out)

3: Joey Brezinski

Sponsors: Cliche, Crupie, Diamond, Andale Bearings, Val Surf, Red Bull, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Tensor, Ollo Clip, Grizzly, Footprint
Hometown: Venice CA
Notes: $4,000 (nose manual nollie back tailslide, kickflip nose manual nollie heelflip out, inward heelflip manual frontside shove it out, halfcab nose manual nollie bigspin out)

4: Eli Reed

Sponsors: Organika Skateboards, Converse, Venture, Grizzly Grip, Diamond, Gold Wheels, Supreme
Hometown: Boston MA
Notes: $3,000

5: Malcolm Watson

Sponsors: 100 Percent, Jim Thiebaud (flow)
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Notes: $2,000

6: Jereme Rogers

Sponsors: Selfish, Swiss, Venture
Hometown: Boston MA
Notes: $1,000

7: Kenny Anderson

Sponsors: Chocolate, Converse, Indy, Satori, Hard Luck Bearings, Poler, Back Forty
Hometown: Redlands CA
Notes: $1,000
Converse x Chocolate Windbreaker Jacket Optical White Converse x Chocolate Windbreaker Jacket $60.00

8: Dennis Busenitz

Sponsors: Real, Volcom, Spitfire, Thunder, adidas, Brick Harbor, Water - Drink of the Gods
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Notes: $1,000

9: Forrest Kirby

Sponsors: Zoo York, Alphanumeric, Venture, MIA Skateshop, Hi-Fi
Hometown: Miami FL
Notes: $1,000