Matix Lord of the Lines Ledge Alley Qualifiers Results

1: Joey Brezinski

Joey Brezinski
Sponsors: Cliche, Autohbahn, Diamond, Andale Bearings, Val Surf, Red Bull, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Tensor, Ollo Clip, Grizzly, Footprint
Hometown: Venice CA
Joey Brezinski Street Art King Foam Flat Insoles N/A Joey Brezinski Street Art King Foam Flat Insoles $20.00
Joey Brezinski Monsieur Madame Deck N/A Joey Brezinski Monsieur Madame Deck $50.00
Joey Brezinski King Foam Flat Insoles N/A Joey Brezinski King Foam Flat Insoles $20.00

2: Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill
Sponsors: Grizzly Griptape, Diamond Footwear, Plan B skateboards, Red Bull, Nixon, Venture trucks, ful bags, Happy Hour shades, Loud headphones, Skatelab
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Torey Pudwill Hella Tight 7/8 Allen Hardware Red Torey Pudwill Hella Tight 7/8" Allen Hardware $12.00
Torey Pudwill Hella Tight 7/8 Allen Hardware Purple Torey Pudwill Hella Tight 7/8" Allen Hardware $12.00
Stamp Print Griptape Black/ White Stamp Print Griptape $8.50

3: Bobby Worrest

Bobby Worrest
Sponsors: Krooked, Spitfire, Nike SB, Independent Trucks, Roughneck Hardware, Pitcrew, Chrome Backpacks, Swiss Bearings, Death Squad, Freedumb Airlines
Hometown: DC DC

4: Billy Marks

Billy Marks
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Filament Brand Footwear, Thunder, Mob Grip, Skatepark of Tampa Gambling Team, Pig Wheels, Good Not Great, Active Rideshop, Bones Swiss
Hometown: Corona CA
Billy Marks Selfie Deck N/A Billy Marks Selfie Deck $40.00

5: Danny Montoya

Danny Montoya
Sponsors: BLVD Skateboards, Mighty Healthy NYC, Diamond Supply Co, Satori Wheels
Hometown: Long Beach CA

6: Jack Curtin

Jack Curtin
Sponsors: Skate Mental, Gold Wheels, LRG, MOB, Bones Swiss Bearings, Footprint Insoles
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Jack Curtin Gamechanger Insoles Multi Jack Curtin Gamechanger Insoles $45.00
Jack Curtin Jack Deck N/A Jack Curtin Jack Deck $50.00
Jack Curtin Gamechanger Insoles N/A Jack Curtin Gamechanger Insoles $45.00

7: Jereme Rogers

Jereme Rogers
Sponsors: Selfish, Swiss, Venture
Hometown: Boston MA

8: Kurtis Colamonico

Kurtis Colamonico
Sponsors: Kontrol Wheels, Furnace Skateshop, JW Motor Sports, Ink Works Tattoo Shop, Kicker Sounds, Diamond, Venture, Daggers, Mophie, Blessed Individuals, Team BK, Common Knowledge
Hometown: Long Beach CA

9: Malcolm Watson

Malcolm Watson
Sponsors: 100 Percent, Jim Thiebaud (flow)
Hometown: Los Angeles CA

10: Enrique Lorenzo

Enrique Lorenzo
Sponsors: LOUW Skateboards, Tensor, FKD, MOB
Hometown: Barcelona, Spain

11: Shuriken Shannon

Shuriken Shannon
Sponsors: iPath, Santa Cruz, Billabong, OJ Wheels, Independent, Pacific Drive Skate Shop, FKD
Hometown: San Diego CA
Shuriken Shannon Mask 101A Wheels White Shuriken Shannon Mask 101A Wheels $30.00

12: Benny Fairfax

Benny Fairfax
Sponsors: Palace, Adidas, WeSC Clothing, Theeve, Red Bull, Wayward
Hometown: London, England

13: Dyson Ramones

Dyson Ramones
Sponsors: Hurley, Stereo, Blue Hawaii Surf, Duffs, Pig Wheels, 808 Tattoo
Hometown: Mililani HI

14: Pat Channita

Pat Channita
Sponsors: Independent, Ricta, Bones
Hometown: Garden Grove CA

15: JB Gillet

JB Gillet
Sponsors: Cliche, Lakai, Matix, Nixon, Spy Optics, Diamond, Venture, Wall Street Skateshop
Hometown: Lyon

16: Andre Genovesi

Andre Genovesi
Sponsors: Hurley International, Diamond, Royal, Val Surf,Hosoi Skates, Hosoi Rockets, Sambazon Acai, Nixon
Hometown: Newport Beach CA

17: Eli Reed

Eli Reed
Sponsors: Organika Skateboards, Converse, Venture, Mob Grip, Diamond, Gold Wheels, Supreme
Hometown: Boston MA

18: Gershon Mosley

Gershon Mosley
Sponsors: Circle-A Skateboards, The obtuseconcept, 35th ave North skateshop Seattle,Wa., FTC-Ando hook up S.F.
Hometown: Compton CA

19: Lem Villemin

Lem Villemin
Sponsors: Adidas, Cliche, Thunder, FKD, Arrow and Beast Skate Shop, Nixon, Spitfire
Hometown: Stuttgart Germany