Damn Am Vancouver 2008 Best Trick Results

1: Scott DeCenzo

Sponsors: Plan B, Indy, CCS, RDS Clothing, Arnette, Monster
Hometown: Delta BC Canada
Notes: Frontside bluntslide shuv it out on the rail in the rain

2: Chris Mendes

Sponsors: Active Ride Shop
Hometown: Moreno Valley CA
Notes: Backside noseblunt slide on the rail in the rain

3: Andreas Tsougrianis

Sponsors: VanCity Skate Shop, United Riders, Ripper Skateboards
Hometown: Richmond BC
Notes: Big spin frontside boardslide fakie on the rail in the rain

4: Mitch Barrette

Sponsors: Venture, Red Bull, DC, Top of the World Skate Shop, Gold Wheels, DGK
Hometown: Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Notes: Backside overcrook on the rail in the rain

5: Cory Wilson

Sponsors: Quiksilver Clothing, Kitsch Skateboards, Etnies, Bones Wheels, Indy
Hometown: Vancouver
Notes: Backside flip down the 7 stair in the rain