Damn Am Costa Mesa 2009 Best Trick Results

1: Clint Walker

Clint Walker
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Ambiguous, Pig, Independent, Active, Bangarang Pillowcase Army, Emerica, The Good Worth
Hometown: Altus OK
Notes: Gap to front board shuv it on the pyramid rail and 5-0 across and down to kickflip out on the pyramid rail.

2: Aaron Collier

Aaron Collier
Sponsors: New Blood, Expedition (flow)
Hometown: Daytona Beach FL
Notes: Backside big spin to backside lipslide on the pyramid rail.

3: Dylan Witkin

Dylan Witkin
Sponsors: Expedition One, Nike SB, Focus Skate Shop, Pig Wheels, Independent, Bronson Speed Co.
Hometown: Lake Forrest CA
Notes: 12 foot pyramid gap to frontside noseblunt slide on the pyramid rail.

4: Chris Mendes

Chris Mendes
Sponsors: Active Ride Shop
Hometown: Moreno Valley CA
Notes: Kickflip backside tailslide big spin out on the pyramid rail.

5: Kechaud Johnson

Kechaud Johnson
Sponsors: Etnies, Neff, Kicker, Citystars, Rhythm skateshop, Krux, Ricta wheels
Hometown: Dallas TX
Notes: 12 foot gap to frontside smith grind on the pyramid rail.