Coastal Carnage 2010 Best Trick Results

1: Aaron Homoki aka Jaws

Aaron Homoki aka Jaws
Sponsors: Asphalt Yacht Club, Birdhouse, Dekline, Bones Wheels, Indy, Glassy, Nef, Bro Style,, Footprint Insoles
Hometown: Phoenix AZ
Notes: Kickflip backside stalefish in the cradle - $2,000
Aaron Jaws Homoki Fin Deck N/A Aaron "Jaws" Homoki Fin Deck $50.00
Aaron Jaws Homoki Hi Profile King Foam Flat Insoles N/A Aaron "Jaws" Homoki Hi Profile King Foam Flat Insoles $25.00
Aaron Jaws Homoki Glory V2 STF Wheels Yellow Aaron "Jaws" Homoki Glory V2 STF Wheels $32.00

2: Kevin Kowalski

Kevin Kowalski
Sponsors: Lifeblood Skateboards, Bones, Nature Hardware, Indy, Ipath, Dakine
Hometown: Portland Oregon
Notes: Saran wrap tail block in the cradle - $1,500

3: Tom Remillard

Tom Remillard
Sponsors: Expedition One, Ace Trucks, CONS, Diamond, Route 44, Spitfire, Dickies, Stance Socks, Daf, Bones Swiss
Hometown: San Diego CA
Notes: Smith grind to fakie in the cradle - $1,200
Tom Remillard Keychain Deck N/A Tom Remillard Keychain Deck $50.00
Tom Remillard Cologne Deck N/A Tom Remillard Cologne Deck $50.00

4: Neal Mims

Neal Mims
Sponsors: Finesse, Independent, Pacific Drive, Bones, Brixton, Paradox
Hometown: Jacksonville FL
Notes: Smith grind revert in the cradle - $1,000

5: Curren Caples

Curren Caples
Sponsors: Flip Skateboards, Oakley, Hurley, RVCA, Indy, Vans, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss, Monster
Hometown: Ventura CA
Notes: Frontside flip into the cradle - $1,000
Curren Caples Unmatched Deck N/A Curren Caples Unmatched Deck $50.00