Damn Am Canada 2010 Finals Results

1: Matt Berger

Matt Berger
Sponsors: Flip, Etnies, BONES Wheels, Monster, Thunder, MOB Grip
Hometown: BC Canada

2: Micky Papa

Micky Papa
Sponsors: Blind, RDS, Venture, Ricta Wheels, Nixon, Diamond, Switchmade, Lacorda Threads, Grizzly Griptape, Active
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Micky Papa Pro Naturals 99a Wheels White Micky Papa Pro Naturals 99a Wheels $32.00

3: Jeffrey Marshall

Jeffrey Marshall
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Billabong
Hometown: Costa Mesa CA

4: Magnus Hanson

Magnus Hanson
Sponsors: C1RCA (footwear & apparel), Independent, Momentum, Coastal Skate Shop, Element
Hometown: Vancouver BC

5: Will Marshall

Will Marshall
Sponsors: Lakai, Thunder trucks, Helas Headwear, Element Canada, Spitfire, Top of the World Skateshop
Hometown: Cornwall Ontario, Canada

6: Brandon Del Bianco

Brandon Del Bianco
Sponsors: Element Skateboards/Clothing, Venture, Adidas, Bliss Wheels, Vivo Headwear, ISI Eyewear
Hometown: Mississauga ONT, CAN

7: Dallas Ives

Dallas Ives
Sponsors: Fallen Canada, Zero Canada, Red Dragon Apparel, Red Bull
Hometown: Windsor

8: TJ Rogers

TJ Rogers
Sponsors: Nike SB, Tensor, Blind, Bones, Red Bull, Red Dragon Apparel, OC Ramps, Grizzly Grip, Jammy Pack
Hometown: Whitby, Ontario

9: Sam Hampton

Sam Hampton
Sponsors: Blind Skateboards, Coastal Riders, Skullcandy, Zeal Optics
Hometown: Langley, Canada

10: Mike Schulz

Mike Schulz
Sponsors: Circa, Coastal Riders Skate Shop, Krew, Deathwish, Momentum, Destructo, Shake Junt
Hometown: Langley BC, Canada

11: William Cristofaro

William Cristofaro
Sponsors: Billabong, DC, Element Skateboards, Universe Board Shop
Hometown: Montreal Canada

12: Lacey Baker

Lacey Baker
Sponsors: Meow Skateboards, Pawn Shop Skate, Bones (flow), Pawn Shop Skate, Vans (flow)
Hometown: Covina CA