West 49 Take the Cake at Niagra Falls AM Results

1: Jon Cosentino

Jon Cosentino
Sponsors: Element, Converse CONS, Nixon, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Independent, Official Hats, Hustler Boardshop Oakville, CBMK Skatepark, Bro Style (flow), Concrete Icecream Wax
Hometown: Oakville, Canada
Notes: $750, plus a custom Nixon watch and a berth in the Pro Event.

2: Micky Papa

Micky Papa
Sponsors: Blind, RDS, Mountain Dew Canada, Venture, Bones, Nixon, Diamond, Markisa, Switchmade Productions, Lacorda Threads, Grizzly Griptape
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Notes: $500

3: Cameo Wilson

Cameo Wilson
Sponsors: Darkstar, Supra, Pharmacy Skateshop, Gold Wheels, Krew, G-Shock, Stance, Thunder
Hometown: Las Vegas NV
Notes: $250