Damn Am Costa Mesa 2010 Best Trick Results

1: David Loy

David Loy
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Ricta, Mob, Krux, Active, Glassy, Diamond, Bones Swiss
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Notes: Smith stall on the double high wall from the quarter into the bank.

2: Dalton Dern

Dalton Dern
Sponsors: Theeve Trucks, Lifeblood, Tactics, Power Rider Wheels, Dakine
Hometown: Orlando FL
Notes: Smith stall kickflip out, no delay of game from the quarter to the bank to wall.

3: Dylan Witkin

Dylan Witkin
Sponsors: Expedition One, Nike SB, Focus Skate Shop, Pig Wheels, Independent, Bronson Speed Co.
Hometown: Lake Forrest CA
Notes: Kickflip backside disaster revert from quarter to bank to wall.

4: Shawn Hale

Shawn Hale
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Indy, Dakine, Spitfire, Glassy, Gatorade, Globe (flow)
Hometown: Joplin Missouri
Notes: Alley oop fakie 5-0 from quarter to bank to wall.

5: Jereme Knibbs

Jereme Knibbs
Sponsors: Nike SB, Bones, Santa Cruz Skateboards, The Boardr, Shaqueefa, Thunder, Squad Up, #OFFTHATWET, Rockstar Energy
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Notes: Frontside ollie to wall ride ollie out into the quarter.