Tampa Am 2010 Sunday Best Trick Results at Skatepark of Tampa.com

Tampa Am 2010 Sunday Best Trick Results

1: Cameo Wilson

Sponsors: Darkstar, Supra, Pharmacy Skateshop, Gold Wheels, Krew, G-Shock, Stance, Thunder
Hometown: Las Vegas NV
Notes: 360 flip over the elbow block and frontside flip to flat.

2: Dylan Perry

Sponsors: #BoardrBoys, Rip N Dip, Stance, Dickies
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Notes: Gap to 50-50 over the elbow block.

3: Ben Hatchell

Sponsors: Monster, Bones Swiss Bearings, Indy, Paradox, FKD, Dakine
Hometown: Houston, TX
Notes: Fakie bigger flip over the bank to bank.

4: Micky Papa

Sponsors: Blind, RDS, Venture, Ricta Wheels, Diamond, Switchmade, Lacorda Threads, Grizzly Griptape, Active
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Notes: Nollie inward heel backside tailslide on the bank ledge.

5: Steffen Austerheim

Sponsors: DC, Plan B, Sessions, Adrenaline by Mt Dew
Hometown: Stavenger Norway
Notes: Nollie frontside nosegrind nollie flip out on the bank to bank ledge.