Back to School Bash 2011 Presented by Altamont: Sponsored Finals Results

1: Connor Askew

Connor Askew
Sponsors: Catalyst Skateshop, Duvin Clothing, Vendetta Grip, Almost (Flow), VonZipper (flow), Dakine (flow)
Hometown: Orlando FL

2: Dylan Perry

Dylan Perry
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, etnies (flow), Dakine (flow), Bones (flow), Altamont (flow), Stance (flow), OFFTHATWET, SHAQUEEFA OG
Hometown: Tampa FL
Trending Mess Griptape N/A Trending Mess Griptape $12.00

3: Markus Jalaber

Markus Jalaber
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, DGK (flow), DC (flow), Paradise Wheels (flow), Pistol Grip, Bright Futures Sunglasses
Hometown: Clearwater FL

4: Josiah Portillo

Josiah Portillo
Sponsors: Portillo Chips Xtreme
Hometown: Tampa/Debary FL

5: Alex Pellegrino

Alex Pellegrino
Sponsors: Destructo (flow)
Hometown: Tampa FL