Damn Am Canada 2011 Independent Best Trick Results

1: Ben Paterson

Sponsors: CBMK Skatepark, Toy Machine (flow), Pig Wheels(flow), Volcom (flow), Fallen (flow)
Hometown: Toronto Canada
Notes: Hardflip back lip on the rail. $300

2: Will Marshall

Sponsors: Lakai, Thunder trucks, Helas Headwear, Element Canada, Spitfire, Top of the World Skateshop
Hometown: Cornwall Ontario, Canada
Notes: Frontside 360 shuv down the stairs, hardflip the rail, frontside flip the rail. $200

3: Mitch Barrette

Sponsors: Venture, Red Bull, DC, Top of the World Skate Shop, Gold Wheels, DGK
Hometown: Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Notes: Front blunt on the hubba, back tail on the hubba. $100