Spring Roll Presented by DVS and Matix: Sponsored Finals Results

1: Chad Poore

Chad Poore
Sponsors: Blooze Skateboards, Midtown skatepark, Plus Skateshop, Lakai (flow)
Hometown: Orlando FL

2: Max Catasus

Max Catasus
Sponsors: the park, filtrate eyewear, untitiled skateboards flow, tork truxs, ride nature, and duvin, survey wheels
Hometown: Melbourne FL

3: Kevin Sikes

Kevin Sikes
Sponsors: Lockhart Board Company
Hometown: Deltona FL

4: Jereme Knibbs

Jereme Knibbs
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Nike SB (flow), Bones, Expedition (flow), Thunder (flow), Bottoms Up Mfg, Cruizies, #OFFTHATWET
Hometown: Tampa FL

5: Tyler Hunger

Tyler Hunger
Sponsors: The Compound Board Shop, Payne Skate Park/Sk8Skool
Hometown: Sarasota FL

6: Uncle Sam Bellipanni

Uncle Sam Bellipanni
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Vans (flow), Bones (flow), Quiet Life
Hometown: Beverly Hills FL