Free Flow Tour Street, 21 and Under, Advanced Finals Results

1: Jamie Foy

Jamie Foy
Sponsors: Island Water Sports, Nike (Flow), Girl, Hurley (Flow), Spy, Stance, Vestal, Ramp48 Skatepark, Wicked Audio
Hometown: Deerfield Beach FL

2: Markus Jalaber

Markus Jalaber
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, DGK (flow), DC (flow), Paradise Wheels (flow), Pistol Grip, Bright Futures Sunglasses
Hometown: Clearwater FL

3: Devin Abreu

Devin Abreu
Sponsors: Ramp 48
Hometown: Orlando FL

4: Kevin Sikes

Kevin Sikes
Sponsors: Lockhart Board Company
Hometown: Deltona FL

5: Max Catasus

Max Catasus
Sponsors: the park, filtrate eyewear, untitiled skateboards flow, tork truxs, ride nature, and duvin, survey wheels
Hometown: Melbourne FL