Skullcandy Best Trick at Damn Am Canada 2012 Results

1: Jon Cosentino

Jon Cosentino
Sponsors: Element, Nixon, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Theeve, Footprint Insole Technology, Official Hats, Hustler Boardshop Oakville, CBMK Skatepark, Bro Style (flow), Concrete Icecream Wax
Hometown: Oakville Canada
Notes: Kickflip over the channel - $350

2: Tyler Pacheco aka Manchild

Tyler Pacheco aka Manchild
Sponsors: Blind, Billabong, Val Surf Skate Shop, Vans (flow), Autobahn (flow), Indy (flow), Paradox
Hometown: Santa Clarita CA
Notes: Blunt kickflip out - $250

3: Andrew Wenckstern

Andrew Wenckstern
Sponsors: Emerica, Altamont, Foundation, Pig, Theeve, Stance, Sud Skate Shop
Hometown: St. Catherine Canada
Notes: Backside 5-0 to fakie - $150