Damn Am Costa Mesa 2013 Best Trick Results

1: Brodie Penrod

Brodie Penrod
Sponsors: Etnies (flow), Cliché (flow), Ricta, Mob, Milo Sport Orem, Puka Bearings, Krux Trucks
Hometown: American Fork UT
Notes: Kickflip back tail, kickflip 180 out on the Hubba.

2: Dashawn Jordan

Dashawn Jordan
Sponsors: Nike SB, KR3W, Diamond Supply Co., Bones Swiss, SOVRN, Royal Trucks, Glassy Sun Haters, Grizzly Grip, Spitfire, Cowtown
Hometown: Chandler AZ
Notes: 360 flip front board fakie on the rail.

3: Dan Coe

Dan Coe
Sponsors: Chophouse Skateboards, 3rd Lair Skate Park, Supra (flow), Krew (flow), Bones (flow)
Hometown: Minneapolis MN
Notes: Kickflip back tail big spin out on the rail.

4: Carlos Lastra

Carlos Lastra
Sponsors: elephant brand skate boards, Flik grip tape, active ride shop (HB), Ssur plus clothing, team bk, subliminal wheels, Ethika
Hometown: Long Beach CA
Notes: Frontside nosed grind, nollie flip out on Hubba.

5: Richie Amador

Richie Amador
Sponsors: Powell, Lakai, Fourstar, SG Denim
Hometown: Carson CA
Notes: Switch inward heel 360 down the stairs.