AmsterDamn Am 2013 Best Trick Results

1: Youness Amrani

Youness Amrani
Sponsors: Nike SB, Almost, Venture, Swiss, Mob, Sml Wheels, Helas Caps
Hometown: Hasselt Belgium
Notes: 400 Euros. Feeble grind 360 flip out on the rail.

2: Richard Tury

Richard Tury
Sponsors: Monster Energy, Vans, Baker
Hometown: Slovakia Kosice
Notes: 300 Euro. Heelflip noseslide nollie flip out on the rail.

3: Rob Maatman

Rob Maatman
Sponsors: Emerica, Volcom, Emerica Europe, Zero Europe, Indy, Burnside,
Hometown: Deventer Netherlands
Notes: 200 Euro. Nollie bigspin front board to fakie on the rail.

4: Matej Hakl

Matej Hakl
Sponsors: Vans, Horsefeathers, Silver, Elna Skate Co
Hometown: Budweis Czech Republic
Notes: Switch tailslide nollie 270 heel out on the rail.

5: Jelle Maatman

Jelle Maatman
Sponsors: Etnies, Santa Cruz, OJ Wheels, Indy, Burnside Skate Shop, Bronson
Hometown: Deventer Netherlands
Notes: 100 Euro. 50-50 through the gap on the rail.