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Hometown: New Bedford Chen Du, Stance: Regular, Age: 31, Status: Pro

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@marcjohnson #backtail 📷 - @oliverbarton / There are few times when the word "epic" is used for something that truly warrants it. I can say with confidence that Anthony Shetler's conversation with Marc Johnson—which totals almost three hours of insight, exploration, and intense analysis of the human condition—is worthy of said term. Instead of starting at the beginning, Shetler's interview begins in the now, with MJ firing off on passionate tangents about anything from the benefits of being hypnotized to his time on the A-Team and what herbal supplements you can take to enhance your skating. And in this case, tangents are a good thing, as they all circle back to the single idea of consciousness—of being aware of the moment and the constructs around you. The two ping ideas and concepts off each other, zig-zagging through narratives, notions, and a lot of heavy content, but it's all laced together with the curiosity and thirst for awareness. Are you going to get little nuggets about what bushings Johnson uses or what trick in his Pretty Sweet (2012) part he's the most fond of? Hell no, but you might learn something or at least feel challenged to get on or off the program, depending on how you interpret things. Oh, he talks about the Back 40 starting a podcast and his new hat company with Andrew Reynolds, too. For real, this thing isn't a podcast about skating. It's a battle cry. So why not take a listen on a long drive, several subway rides, or whatever the hell takes you three hours to complete? - Anthony Pappalardo @ridechannel ( to listen to #TheShetlerShow click the link in my bio )

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