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Hometown: Oakland CA, Stance: Goofy, Age: 42, Status: Pro

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You ever one of those long weekends that felt like a week in the midst of it, but when it's over it feels like a flash? The last few months have been brutal, trying to finish two bikes and keep my sanity. Not sure if I accomplished that. I finished the knucklehead on Monday, broke it in and on Wednesday took it 400 miles south. The whole ride was a bizarre feeling, like trying not to get too attached to a hot one night stand. The bike ran great, and I started to fall in love a bit. In the end knowing one $25 dollar ticket would win it. I dreamt a woman would win it, and that's exactly what happened. The bike did welcome me with a front flat tire on the highway outside of Watsonville and some roadside repair. It felt so good to finally have the wind on my face and to be sitting on something that was in pieces not long ago on top of that riding next to one of my best friends @dzwicker who's talent and confidence is truly amazing. Always more give than take. Thanks you big bawse. Safe ride home. As far as the show goes, you have a skewed view of it, misjudge it, hate on it, use the word hipster...... Or you can ride there, get inspired by the unlimited amount of talent, hug your buds, make some friends, have a soda, milk, or brewskis. It's what you make of it and I thank @mikedavis70 @largehandsgrant for involving me in the building of the giveaway bike. It was really cool, and I do it again. To see the smile on friends @3gknuck & @hannadawn faces to get picked to go to Japan was the best along with my friend @jason_atr so happy for you all. To everyone that came by the booth to say hi, or grab something I give you the highest high five and thank you... It's humbling every year. Big 💙 thanks to @rachelcubed @danannpatrick for running my booth and letting mindlessly ramble at strangers. Thanks @oblivioussurroundings for the on the road photo. Thanks to the CHP for reminding us you're bored, out of shape, and horny for choppers. @antihero1976 thanks for the floor space @akachatty the hospitality. It's what you make of it, sometimes it's harsh, but it's good to stick with what you love and make it cool. #4q #bf7

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