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Hometown: Los Angeles California, Stance: ?, Age: , Status: Am

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In a comedy club not too long ago I ate the GREATEST COOKIE ever.. After years of putting it off due to the fear of what ifs I decided the day had come to start my dream of stand up comedy. Found a club outside LA with an open mic and went with the objective of seein if I had the guts to walk on a stage and tell a room of 200 strangers my thoughts. Any story I found online of other first times were all nightmarish bombing or straight choking. This only added to my anxiety. But here I was in the back of the room as names were called by lottery. after 4 comics the speakers say "everybody give a welcome to the next comic hitting the stage.. Donovan Strain" thats when it hit me. Every step I took my brain was going "youre walking to a stage?!" I stepped up & my stomach dropped as I pulled the mic out the stand. The lights 1000 times brighter than I imagined, I couldnt see anyones face past front row. But I began. And somehow... laughs came when Id hoped followed by a supportive applause as I walked off, but this wasnt even the end. The next comic wasted half their stage time talkin about how much they liked my last joke. Then a waitress sets a plate on my table & tells me "this is from the owner, great set, he sent you a fresh baked cookie from our kitchen" I ate that cookie slowly watching the rest of the comics while still in shock not just from the support from the crowd & comics but also apparently from the owner that I didnt know was present. Afterwards he pulled me aside, wanted me to repeat two of my bits for him & after a little "whats ya name? where ya from?" he looked thru a planner & offered to book me as an opening act.. off my first try at stand up! Why Im sharing is: I was terrified of the possible results of what would happen that I put it off for YEARS day dreaming and youll never ever know what the result could be if you dont ever try what you dream about. Whether that day wouldve turned out as unforgettable as it did for me or not Im glad Im not living a life wondering "what if" and if I can inspire you to do one thing in your life I hope you aggressively set out to end your what ifs as soon as possible.

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