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Sponsors: Girl, Lakai, Four Star, Diamond, Royal, Fillmore
Hometown: Friskonia CA, Stance: Goofy, Age: , Status: Pro

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Some dude I meat in 7th grade that skated. He was 1 of 3 including #HenrySanchez and myself that skated. We got hated on for skating cuz it wasn't "cool" and we wore baggy clothes. Then I realized that dude up lived 10 houses down the street from me with a 5ft high VERT ramp(4 1/2ft transitions?). In those 2 years of going to junior high I skated with him. Then he quit skating for a what seemed like years but probably only a couple months. Like every other skater I knew from where I grew up. He got into what was cool. Raiders gear and what ever wannabe gangster shit that was excepted by all the kids at school. One day we rode the bus home together and he tried to JUMP me! I scrambled around and avoided it and ran home but he thinks he got me. He eventually got back into skating the next summer. A year or 2 later i got sponsored. Then he got sponsored too!! Then... Long story kinda short/long.... I can't believe and begin to say how psyched he started skating again cuz skateboard dreams accidentally came true and we've traveled the world together for hella long. Maybe even got de-virginized the same night? Hurricane Helen. But if it wasn't for him @chocolateskateboards would not exist. @chicobrenes who'd ever would have thought that day, let's just say you DID jump me while you weren't a "skater" we'd still be doin this. But damn! Still skating. Still takin shit to each other about skating wack or good we did something. Much love and happy birthday brother!!! #DalyCity and #EMB4Life #NiccaPlease #ChocolateSkateboards Oh and this last trick was in his sponsor me vid 1990 or before?

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