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Sponsors: HUF (flow), Royal Trucks (flow), Home Skateshop
Hometown: Louisville KY, Stance: Goofy, Age: 20, Status: Am

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People will say that real love is impossible to find in this world. In most cases I would agree, but I do not believe it to be impossible, as it is improbable. With all the hardships our modern world has to offer, it becomes clear how rare love is to find. Finding it is one thing, maintaining and nurturing the emotions and feelings that come along with it all opens up a whole new spectrum. Some are ready, and others are not. Few succeed and many fail. We try to place blame where no blame needs to be placed, we fight due to lack of understanding, and grow distant from the person or people we love most. Love is the epitome of our dualistic world. Where there is light, there is darkness. It can be taken as black and white. Or as a piece of art filled with unspoken subtleties, that is filled with all sorts of different colors. Some dark, some light, and all the ones in between. The complexity of love is taken lightly, and seems to be forgotten by many in our generation. When true love is found, it is not about controlling another individual, or becoming dependent on someone other than yourself. Someone who isn't ready for the feelings being held will act in such ways. It doesn't always mean that they didn't love you. In the rare case of finding unconditional love, this is how one could react to the deep rooted feelings if someone is not ready for the beauty of what they hold. People will naturally try to pick and find the little things that are wrong, because due to our human understanding and lack of self worth in this world, it's easier to believe that it's a lie, instead of surrendering and accepting that there is someone who really loves you for you. Everyone deserves someone who can break through the walls of your being, and be able too see the real you. Just make sure you know who you are before hand, because love will awaken a person to many things that originally you were blind too.

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