John Paul Grebe

Posted on Thursday, August 15, 2002 by Employee

John Paul Grebe
Nicknames that you know about? John Party
Start skating? 1988
Started working at SPoT? May 2002
Your message to the world "I'm not a hater, I'm a congratulator."
What's your job at the Park? Assistant to Bud Wiser, Product Handler, Shoe Wall Manager, Snack Bar Regulator

Favorite Products
Deck Stay popular after high school, skate POPWAR!!
Wheels Stick with the Spits, no gimmicks!
Trucks Venture
Bearings Cheap but good Flip HKDs
Hardware That DGK Gold $h*t!
Grip Black
Shoes Check my feet. Whatever I got is hot!
Video Digital 4 and all Digital videos.
Watch Nixon Duke
Magazine Slap
Snack Bar Food Skaterade or Die

Other Gear, Stuff, Websites, Whatever, etc.
POPWAR IS SICK in the head. Why not achedule an appointment today by going to to link to or something like that.

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